3 things to do with a wedding dress

Wedding dresses are clothes that you wear just once and that do not fit in with your everyday clothing style. If you don't know what to do with your wedding dress, here we give you 3 different ideas to reuse your wedding dress.

Resell the dress

Reselling a wedding dress after its use is something that most brides do. Brides advertise on the internet like this: wedding dress for sale to find customers. There are different platforms where you can easily sell your wedding dress. But, you can entrust your dress to a shop that specializes in selling wedding dresses. The money you get after the sale will help you recover some of the money you invested in the purchase of the new dress. As you know, wedding dresses are quite expensive. You should bear in mind that you will not be able to sell the dress for the same price as you bought it. It is now a second hand item so its price must come down.

Hire the dress

If you want to keep your dress as a souvenir, but want to make money from it, you can choose to rent it out. The dress will always be your property, but other brides and grooms after paying for it can rent it. They must return the dress as they received it. You can entrust the rental of the dress to a wedding planner who will offer it to his clients. A wedding dress shop can also take care of this task.

Save the dress for your daughter

There is a tradition that wedding dresses should be passed on from mother to daughter. So you can keep your dress while waiting for your daughter's big day. If you do not give birth to a daughter, your daughter-in-law will inherit the dress. It is important to note that the person who receives the dress must look like you, otherwise she will not be able to wear the dress.