3 tips for finding your lost dog

Animals like dogs are good companions for humans. They play several roles in terms of safety and psychology, allowing people to feel safe from danger and also to maintain a good mood. Their absence creates a great emotional void. If it is a loss, don't panic, use these three tips. 

Declare the loss to maximise its chances

Declaring your dog lost is the first thing you should do. Above all, don't look at these guys who can delay you and minimise your chances. In reality, the maximum time it takes to find a dog is 12 hours. After that time, it becomes difficult to find the dog because at each moment of the day it moves further away from the house and the residential area. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly report the loss to a standard or digital search agency. On the Internet, there are several sites that specialise in this exercise. All you have to do is give your dog's details and registration number and it will be dealt with.

Go looking for your dog as soon as possible

After the declaration of loss, don't just sit back and wait, you will minimize your chances. Immediately go looking for it. Search the neighbourhood and the city. When searching, use easy capture methods to attract him. For example, call its name or utter a cry that it knows and you are used to saying to it at home. Don't forget to walk around houses where there are dogs, he may be playing there.

Alerting neighbours and using social networks

Despite the two previous tips, also ask the neighbours for help. This is useful, as they can start looking for the dog as well. They can quickly locate it thanks to their level of reflexes. Also, print out search notices and put them up in the streets and alleys to attract people's attention. Also, use social networks to find your dog quickly, as this channel is nowadays a good way to search for lost dogs. To do this, you should share your ad as much as possible and visit the forums at any time to see if there is any news about your dog.