Holiday schedule: tips for combining leisure and physical activity

Get the kids off the couch because the holidays are finally here. And the best way to take advantage of this period is with practices that combine leisure and physical activity. It might sound contradictory, but the idea is to relive the healthiest part of the playground while on vacation.

The importance of physical activity for children

School holidays are a good time to start a new eating routine for children and youth. Did you know that it is possible to be healthy while playing? Besides being a lot of fun, joining hobbies and physical activity can be very good for your health. Games, dances and recreational activities, among other similar things, have positive effects on physical and psychological health. They generate an increase in body temperature, a decrease in the perception of pain, the feeling of affection, well-being, motivation, satisfaction, socialization and joy, among other closely diverse sensations. related to hormonal responses. Among other health benefits, there is also the prevention of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. By taking a trip back in time, there are many old games that parents and guardians can save and pass on to children and teens. There are games with ball, hide and seek, jump rope, hopscotch. There are so many cheap and fun options they'll love. Team sports are also worth it.

You have to be careful

Safety is a non-negotiable condition for ensuring that leisure activities achieve their purpose. But in any case, it's important to take care of sun exposure, hydration, and the use of appropriate clothing and footwear, when available. Another point to remember is the conditions of the environment in which the game takes place.