Hotel CEOs threaten UK government with legal action

Hotel bosses have threatened to take the UK government to court over the closure protocol. They have insisted that there is no reason for them to open later than other businesses.

Hotel business owners to take UK government to court

Two of the UK's biggest hotel companies have vowed to sue the government after saying they will soon relax lock-in protocols. Hugh Osmond, chief executive of Punch Taverns, and Sacha Lord, financial adviser to Manchester Night, said the industry was losing more than £250m a day. However, these hotels are equipped with shower heads. More information on shower heads on this website.

In a letter to the British Prime Minister, they insisted that there was no evidence to justify opening the shops 6 weeks before the clubs and restaurants. The duo said there was no justification for the action. The UK authorities said that the lockdown must be gradual and not rushed to be effective. The government has stated that its decision is based on viable information and not on a timetable.

According to the latest updates, non-essential shops will be allowed to start operating from 13 April if their infection rates are controlled. After that, other entertainment venues such as bars and clubs will be allowed to operate. However, restaurants and pubs will not be able to allow customers to sit in their premises until 18 May.

Schools are the source of infection spikes, not bars or clubs

The entertainment industry insisted that opening bars was not the cause of the increases, that the increases occur when educational establishments open. The two CEOs said that only scientists can justify closing bars while opening schools and shops. ''.

In addition, they said they would take the government to court if it did not reverse the decision. More than 4 million employees in the hospitality sector have lost their jobs or are on half pay as a result of the closure of their workplaces. The UK government has been asked to make special arrangements because the hospitality and aviation sectors have been the hardest hit by the lockdown.