How can you plan your marriage?

You are going to get married ... You can already imagine your dress, perhaps your wedding ring, the friends near you, the kiss in front of the altar ... But, more prosaically, the wedding  , it is also a big question of organization!  Planning your wedding means finding the reception hall, the caterer, filing the papers in time at the town hall, planning the announcements .

The engagements

After the marriage proposal, it is tradition that you announce this commitment to your family and loved ones.  Don't panic, this is not a legal act that requires administrative procedures, but just a tradition that continues.  You can organize a meal by inviting relatives and close friends to announce your union.  Now is the right time to choose a date for your wedding. You can opt for a paris wedding planner to take care of the marriage if you live in France for example.

Draw up the guest list and  find the reception hall

You may think it is still early days, but the names should be noted now.  This will give you an idea of ​​the number of guests, which will influence the budget to be expected.  We will have to decide who will only receive an invitation, who will be invited only to the reception, and who will be invited to all the festivities.

The ideal is of course to find an accessible place relatively close to the town hall and the place of worship.  Many possibilities are available to you: from the classic castle to the family house, including the village hall decorated especially for the occasion.

Possibly opt for a wedding planner

Some couples use a wedding planner when they don't have the time or the inclination to take care of their wedding.  Organization by a professional limits stress and the unexpected.  He is there to find ideas that suit you, manage the financial and practical part, and call on his address book.  You can find yours thanks to magazines devoted to marriage, word of mouth, forums ... Regarding the cost of the service, count between 10 and 15% of the total budget.