How does the Provably Fair Calculator game work ?

For some time now, the Provably Fair Calculator function has become commonplace in online casinos. This new technological tool that appeared thanks to the Bitcoin blockchain is very useful for guaranteeing the fairness of gambling. Find out in this article all about how this game works.

Provably Fair Calculator, what is it in practice ?

The Provably Fair Calculator is a system recently put on the various online casinos which allows you to prove in real time that the draws are correct. This simply eliminates the possibility of cheating on the part of players or even the operator himself. The provably fair calculator is essential to be able to certify the reliability of an online casino. This technological innovation came shortly after the emergence of bitcoins and the blockchain. Each game therefore becomes unique and the draw results cannot be modified thanks to the security of this technology. The Provably Fair will serve you simply to make sure that a game is fair, that a casino is reliable or that there was no problem on your last draw.

How does Provably Fair Calculator work ?

Many gamers have heard of Provably Fair Calculator, but few actually know how it works. It is however very interesting to know it if you are a fan of online casino.

The creation of the first mixture and the generation of the Secret

Even before you make your first draw, whether on a slot machine or a classic table game, a first shuffle is carried out with RNG random draw algorithms. Concretely, the site takes care of the mixtures upstream. Now that the next draw is already known, the casino generates a second random data server which is directly combined with the result of the first shuffle. These two pieces of data are hashed into a fixed string of unique characters, using the SHA256 algorithm. The combination is therefore called Secret, because neither the casino nor the player can access it.

The draw and the revelation of the Secret

As you have understood, the servers know the result of your draw beforehand, but neither the casino, nor a player, nor a human, nor a robot can know it, thanks to the hash. Once you have performed your action on the online casino and pressed « Bet », launched a slot machine game, or waited for the game to deal the cards, the game’s seed server is revealed. You can then consult this page to see all the steps of drawing and hashing your game.