How to change a workspace to promote happiness ?

Much more than a tool that generates well-being, the workspace is a place of expression and a place that creates links and communities. In other words, it is a true communication tool. It is very likely that the solution to some of the problems that threaten your business lies in the redesign of your workspace. Discover in this article, how to redesign your workspace.

Make a diagnosis of your space

When you make the diagnosis of your workspace, you should not only pay attention to the layout of the offices. You also need to take into consideration various environmental factors such as light, noise and temperature, which have a direct impact on your employees' well-being. Natural light, for example, is preferable to artificial light, because natural light, provided it is sufficient, rhymes with visual performance and visual comfort. If your location does not allow you to meet these conditions, sohocyprus has solutions for you.

Take care of the decoration of your workspace

Try to maintain a positive spirit in your company by personalizing your offices with different decorations. You could for example, put stickers or posters on the walls. You could also add a touch of greenery with green plants that are easy to clean and maintain. Not only do they contribute to the decoration of your premises, but they also purify the atmosphere and allow you to evacuate stress. You should also know that the choice of colors and materials used (especially wood) has a positive impact on the morale of your employees. However, be careful not to put the aesthetic aspect before the comfort of your employees.

Create coworking spaces in offices

Still unknown a decade ago, the concept of coworking space (also called collaborative space) is still growing. And while it was initially designed for freelancers and teleworkers, the coworking space is gradually invading companies. Reproducing the codes of coworking, the corpoworking space brings a new organization of work to the employees in demand of flexibility. Thus, they can move throughout the day and meet people from other departments.