How to choose your accounting software ?

Following the creation of your company or the decision to manage all or part of your accounting internally, it is essential to equip yourself with accounting software. The latter makes it possible to transcribe all transactions between a company and its partners (customers, employees, partners, etc.). There is a multitude of accounting software adapted to different audiences : personal accounting, accounting for small and medium-sized businesses and accounting for large companies.

Personal accounting software

Personal accounting software is most often found in mass distribution or specialty stores. They make it possible to make the link between bank accounts and household consumption expenditure. For more information on accounts receivable software, visit. In order to check the nature of your expenses more efficiently, it is preferable to follow up on them every week and not every month in order to save more time and find the origin of each expense more easily. It is also possible to receive bank statements in a format compatible with personal accounting software so that they are directly imported into the system.

Accounting software for large companies

The accounting of large companies is ensured by complex and expensive software known as integrated management software packages (Enterprise resource planning). It includes cost accounting, inventory management techniques and strategy. An integrated management software package (PGI) is an IT tool that manages the entire management process of a company (accounting management, sales, distribution, supply, etc.). The PGI is based on a common database in order to develop IT applications (payroll, accounting, inventory management, etc.) with independent modules. Since the data is now standardized, this avoids duplicate entries and therefore the ambiguity caused by several data of the same type.

Accounting software for small and medium businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses are often assisted, for their accounting, by commercial management software (which manages everything related to invoices, purchase orders, delivery slips and receipt slips) and payroll software (which manages the entire employee payroll process, from arrival to departure). This software ensures the payment of customers and employees and the follow-up of purchase orders. Accounting documents are generated automatically.