How to take care of your lawn in a very hot period ?

Caring for a lawn during the warmer months is essential to ensure that a garden lawn continues to grow in a healthy manner. Find out how to take care of your lawn in a very hot period and turn your summer afternoons into perfect moments of relaxation and relaxation.

Knowing which grass seeds are best suited to your lawn

If you live in an area affected by high temperatures and long periods of drought, you should keep in mind that your lawn should have grass seeds that perform best in a dry climate. If you are in this condition and your lawn does not have these types of seeds, you should replace them immediately, otherwise your greenish carpet may start to turn dry and brown.

Balanced water management

To take care of a lawn in the best possible way, you must water it regularly, giving it a generous amount of water. If you are concerned about the costs of irrigating a lawn, try using wastewater from your home, such as bath water or water that is drained from your pool if you have one. Keep in mind that you should never water your lawn during the hottest hours of the day as the sunlight is amplified through the water and it will make it work like a mirror, burning the lawn.

Cut the mowing regularly

One of the most important things to do when maintaining a lawn in very hot weather is to cut the grass regularly. During the warmer months the grass tends to grow faster and as such it should always be pruned so that it always looks fresh and healthy. However, keep in mind that you should not mow your lawn too close, as this will weaken it during high temperatures and some periods of drought.