Server attack: How to be prepared against DDOS attacks

Internet is a wonderful invention that has help humanity step into a new age. Today, it is almost impossible to go through our regular lives without making use of this technology, which means a lot of personal information are being imputed on daily basis. Unfortunately, internet also gave rise to a group of people we know as « hackers » who tend to be up to no good. Being on internet without having the right protection makes you vulnerable to cyberattacks. Personal computers and even servers are all exposed to the risk of being hacked if the proper measures are not taken.

What is a DDOS attack and what is its goal?

Digital threat is growing as fast as new technologies. A DDos (Distributed denial of service) attack tend to greatly affect the dynamic of a website. This process implies the overload of the targeted server with a large volume of request in order to exhaust the target resources and even make the website unavailable. On the long term, these attacks could put an end to every online operation. The person or group of people responsible for these attacks tend to use this method to hold an important user service hostage in order to blackmail the owner for money. Fortunately, there are companies that are experts in server protection and have the ability to secure your data and protect your assets from DDos attacks. Click here for additional info.

How to defend your business against DDOS attacks?

This could be done in various ways. Some business owners think they’re safe from these attacks because they’re small but the truth is, no one is safe from those attacks, which is why security measures are to be taken right from the start. One solution is the use of web application firewall which is one effective way of protecting yourself against this form of cyber criminality. It’s also important to have the right tools to implement because, despite the numerous self-help tools you can find online, a professional is best to assure the security of your business.