What is an external hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids are a type of condition that can be difficult to characterize given their location. They can be external or internal and can occur for several causes or reasons. At the end of this article, you will be informed about the causes of external hemorrhoids and the possible means of treatment against this condition.

Causes of external hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be defined as any kind of vessel formation found in the anus that can be described as abnormal. They can be external or internal. Few are the means of treatment that exist because of the lack of additional resources and several reasons or causes can be the basis of external hemorrhoids. It is a genetic disorder, which can be transmitted through genes to offspring. The risks of suffering from an external hemorrhoid are therefore high if you have a certain family history for this condition. However, it should be remembered that this factor alone is not enough. It is also necessary to take into account the hygiene of life and the rhythm of life. Consuming too much spicy food and drinking a lot of alcohol are possible causes of an external hemorrhoid. When it is not quickly detected or well treated, it can lead to complications, the most common of which is hemorrhoidal thrombosis. However, it can be treated and cured.

Ways of treating an external hemorrhoid

No definitive treatment method for external hemorrhoid exists so far. The research work of medicine for the treatment of external hemorrhoid is not really conclusive. The anus being a difficult area to access, it is not easy to offer treatment for hemorrhoids. Nevertheless, there are many means of treatment that exist and are used in the management of an external hemorrhoid. We have the formula h treatment and the one that is done with the HEMAPRO cream. They are symptomatic and help relieve the hemorrhoidal crisis. You can also opt for prevention if you have never been affected. It's about improving your lifestyle to make it healthier and cleaner. Eat healthy, consume less alcohol, play sports and have a healthy lifestyle. Thus, the external hemorrhoid is a disease which can constitute a disturbing element in our daily life. But it can be treated and even avoided.