What is VisiTax?

The imposition of a tax is a prerogative of the State. Thus, each nation is free to establish the different taxes it wishes to collect from its citizens and foreigners. That is why in the city of Quintana Roo a tax called VisiTax is created to be collected from all foreigners who want to land in its territory. VisiTax is actually a tax that foreigners have to pay for their stay in this city.

Why the creation of VisiTax in Quintana Roo?

Quintana Roo is a Mexican city that is located on the sea. It is a Mexican city known throughout the world because it is full of many tourist sites. VisiTax is set up by the authorities of this city in order to take advantage of the tourist places that it has. This means that VisiTax is a tourist tax that local authorities collect from all foreign visitors for the development of their city. There is also the visitax cancun. It is a tax that is collected even from children provided that the latter is already four years old. This already shows the importance that the local leaders of Quintana Roo attach to this newly created tax. It is important to clarify that VisiTax is a tax that was instituted only last year. This is why it is considered a new tax.

How to pay the VisiTax tax?

For the payment of this tax, foreign visitors have several options. VisiTax payment can be made before the trip or upon arrival in the city. It is still possible to pay this tax even after settling in the city. The main thing is to pay VisiTax during your stay in Quintana Roo at the risk of not falling under the law. Apart from the physical payment which is made elsewhere on the premises, foreign visitors also have the possibility of paying this tax online. This payment method is very easy and fast.